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Seeds of Resiliency


Susan Polis Schutz opens Seeds of Resiliency with an appeal to “appreciate the flowers that grow among the weeds,” a reminder of her background as co-founder of the greeting card company, Blue Mountain Arts. This hour-long documentary is a relentlessly positive look at the transformative power of tragedy, and it works best with very specific stories, such as the daredevil wheelchair athlete with a fearless can-do attitude and a formerly homeless alcoholic (exploited in bumfight videos) who emerges from despondency. Polis Schutz overreaches when she broadens the scope to include the calculated slaughter of the Holocaust or chaotic brutality of Ugandan refugee camps, but still manages to pinpoint the moment when her subjects find solace, see hope in their future and choose to help others. As a cinematic experience, Seeds of Resiliency doesn’t go beyond the perfunctory (talking heads and archival footage), but as a guide to the power of positive thinking, it does plant seeds for further consideration.

Review by Serena Donadoni
Released on October 26, 2012
Originally appeared in Indiewire.