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The way director Luke Korem introduces his subject in Dealt is the documentary equivalent of the magician’s practiced patter, with ardent testimonials introducing audiences to the astounding art of card mechanic Richard Turner.


The makers of Trafficked walk a fine line, embedding their advocacy in an action film and conveying the horror of sexual slavery without edging into exploitation. Director Will Wallace achieves this balance by emphasizing the inner lives of enslaved women even as the men who peddle them see them as meat.


Sixty years later, George Stevens’s intimate epic Giant still seems like a wondrous anomaly: sweeping saga of American prosperity that reveals its racist underbelly; glorious star vehicle that upends rigid gender roles; modern Western that questions the validity of frontier land ownership.

In Search of the American Dream

Releasing a movie about a Mexican-American family torn apart by deportation during the 2016 presidential election might have been an indie-film coup if In Search of the American Dream weren’t so dated – or so inept.

About Scout

In a twist from writer/director Laurie Weltz, About Scout’s title character is a manic pixie-with-few-dreams girl. With hopes of some residual stardust, Scout Havers’s (India Ennenga) late mother named her and her sister Tallulah (Onata Aprile) after Demi Moore’s daughters. (Sorry, Rumer.)