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Maya Dardel

Is Maya Dardel serious? The regal Lena Olin plays her with frank ferocity and arrogant certainty, but so much about the grandiose poet borders on parody. Co-writers and directors Magdalena Zyzak and Zachary Cotler originally called their elegant, irksome film A Critically Endangered Species.

Strange Weather

The petite Holly Hunter has an oversized onscreen presence, a vibrant intensity that can make her co-stars appear subservient. One of the best aspects of Katherine Dieckmann’s exquisite Strange Weather is its character parity.

Left on Purpose

When he began making a celebratory documentary about Mayer Vishner’s life as a progressive activist, Justin Schein never expected to be asked to bear witness to his subject’s death. Left on Purpose is an anguished and compassionate chronicle of Schein and Vishner’s relationship.