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One More Time

Robert Edwards’s wan drama One More Time opens with the sounds of fumbling in the dark and a crooner’s voice promising romance. That’s when Jude Lipman (Amber Heard) demands that her latest pick-up change the album. He doesn’t know that the singer is Jude’s father, Paul Lombard (Christopher Walken).

Bad Hurt

For his surefooted directorial debut, playwright Mark Kemble uses the stifled beauty of snowbound Staten Island to frame the psychological boundaries of a long-suffering family. The sadness weighing down the Kendall family like wet snow on evergreen branches isn’t simply holiday malaise.


A flighty Peter Pan meets his grounded Wendy in Copenhagen, Mark Raso’s tender romance about the sliding scale of maturity. William (Gethin Anthony) finds an eager guide in Effy (Frederikke Dahl Hansen), who’s as calm and perceptive as he is rash and inconsiderate.

The Dog

With his thick New Yawk accent, John Wojtowicz eagerly recalls what led him to rob a Chase Manhattan Bank in Brooklyn on August 22, 1972. The ensuing hostage situation and media circus was immortalized in Dog Day Afternoon.