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In war movies of the post-Vietnam era, it’s not uncommon for filmmakers to make foreign landscapes seem surreal, mirroring the disorientation troops feel on alien soil. Writer/director Joseph Cedar has taken it a step further, imbuing real combat with the aura of science fiction. The

Vanilla Sky

What prompted writer/director Cameron Crowe and producer/star Tom Cruise to remake Alejandro Amenábar’s psychological thriller Abre Los Ojos (Open Your Eyes)? Reinterpreting Amenábar’s stylish (and pretentious) tale of a narcissist who loses everything only to find his soul allows the Jerry Maguire collaborators to explore

High Fidelity

During one of the many times Rob Gordon (John Cusack) directly addresses the camera in High Fidelity, he discusses the making of an effective mix tape and the appropriation of someone else’s art to express your own emotions. For Rob, that’s a telling statement. The

Beautiful People

Two men on a crowded London bus suddenly recognize each other and begin a brawl that will land them in side-by-side hospital beds. Once neighbors in a small Bosnian town, this Serb and Croat grew into bitter enemies, and their hatred remains intact even after

The House of Yes

Thanksgiving, the bane of dysfunctional families, is the focus of The House of Yes, film debut of director Mark Waters (no relation to John Waters), who adapted it from Wendy MacLeod’s play. The first and only love for Jackie-O (Parker Posey) is the one she