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The way director Luke Korem introduces his subject in Dealt is the documentary equivalent of the magician’s practiced patter, with ardent testimonials introducing audiences to the astounding art of card mechanic Richard Turner.

Viceroy’s House

With the vivid historical drama Viceroy’s House, Gurinder Chadha accomplishes two goals: presenting the viewpoint of people affected by the machinations of a powerful ruler, and portraying Lord Mountbatten in a different light.

Between Us

In the trying relationship drama Between Us, a thirtysomething couple addresses commitment pressures with a childish display: a discussion about marriage builds to frenzied chanting and flailing dancing that dissolves into exhausted giggles.

Free to Run

Free to Run is a social history that uses interviews with enthusiasts and innovators, including Spiridon magazine founder Noël Tamini and the pioneering marathoner Kathrine Switzer, to illustrate how freedom, equality, and community fueled the democratization of an elite sport.

Born to Be Blue

The Chet Baker portrayed by Ethan Hawke in Robert Budreau’s misty biopic Born to Be Blue is midway between beauty and ruin. Behind him are the 1950s, when the jazz trumpeter and vocalist was the epitome of California cool. Ahead are two peripatetic decades of scattershot gigs and recording sessions.