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Dukale’s Dream

Actors are accustomed to studying a subject for a brief, intense period and then being treated like experts. Hugh Jackman’s advocacy for fair-trade coffee began with that burst of enthusiasm, but settled into a business that distills complex global economics into a simple message: We

Can’t Stand Losing You: Surviving The Police

In the creatively combative trio The Police, guitarist Andy Summers is the quiet one, less comfortable with the spotlight than singer/bassist Sting, and more reserved than drummer Stewart Copeland. Director Andy Grieve uses Summers’s memoir One Train Later as the basis for Can’t Stand Losing

The Worst Year of My Life

In a brisk 15-minute sequence, writer/director Jonathan Smith sums up the three-year romance of Kyle (Trevor St. John David) and Amber (Amy Vorpahl) as a series of blissful milestones marred only by her career dissatisfaction. Kyle’s solution is to bankroll Amber’s vegan bakery, even though

The Dog

With his thick New Yawk accent, John Wojtowicz eagerly recalls what led him to rob a Chase Manhattan Bank in Brooklyn on August 22, 1972. The ensuing hostage situation and media circus was immortalized in Dog Day Afternoon.

To Kill a Man

From the opening moments in a tranquil forest where Jorge (Daniel Candia) works as a caretaker, Alejandro Fernández Almedras infuses To Kill a Man with his quiet reticence. A careful, self-contained man, he’s unnerved by a brawny bully, who taunts and robs Jorge as he