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The Duchess of Langeais

Like its central character, The Duchess of Langeais is at once enticing and infuriating. This adaptation of Honoré de Balzac’s novella is beautifully wrought and maddeningly oblique, impossible to dismiss but difficult to embrace. Director Jacques Rivette, now 80, is one of the grand old

Sand Dollars

Transactional relationships are conducted without moral judgment in Sand Dollars, the Dominican Republic’s foreign-language Academy Award submission. Lithe Noelí (Yanet Mojica) finds a steady stream of companions in Las Terrenas, a beach town brimming with European tourists and expats. They reward her attention with cash

Room on the Broom

The ever-so-slightly fractured fairy tale Room on the Broom is pure delight, like the bubbly laugh of the witch (voice of Gillian Anderson) who collects a menagerie of unlikely traveling companions. With a dash of drollery, Simon Pegg crisply narrates the text of Julia Donaldson’s

The Dog

With his thick New Yawk accent and humorous braggadocio, John Wojtowicz eagerly recalls what led him to rob a Chase Manhattan Bank in Brooklyn on August 22, 1972. The ensuing hostage situation and media circus was immortalized in Dog Day Afternoon. Allison Berg and Frank

Charlie Bartlett

Charlie Bartlett (Anton Yelchin) is Ferris Bueller by way of Rushmore’s Max Fischer: an aristocratic freak with a compassionate streak. There’s something about Charlie, a bracing mix of maturity and naïveté, that makes him the ideal confidante for fellow students at West Summit, a Connecticut