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Oh Lucy!

The wistful longing of discontented Japanese salarymen in Shall We Dance? is absent from the bracingly funny Oh Lucy! Setsuko (Shinobu Terajima), an office lady tugging at her restrictive white collar, bubbles with anger and resentment.

Food Evolution

What Scott Hamilton Kennedy captures in his scrupulous, optimistic documentary Food Evolution is the new reality for American scientists: the challenge of reaching a public bombarded by conspiracy theories and fearmongering.

Free to Run

Free to Run is a social history that uses interviews with enthusiasts and innovators, including Spiridon magazine founder Noël Tamini and the pioneering marathoner Kathrine Switzer, to illustrate how freedom, equality, and community fueled the democratization of an elite sport.

Sand Dollars

Transactional relationships are conducted without moral judgment in Sand Dollars, the Dominican Republic’s foreign-language Academy Award submission. Lithe Noelí (Yanet Mojica) finds a steady stream of companions in Las Terrenas, a beach town brimming with European tourists and expats. They reward her attention with cash

Dukale’s Dream

Actors are accustomed to studying a subject for a brief, intense period and then being treated like experts. Hugh Jackman’s advocacy for fair-trade coffee began with that burst of enthusiasm, but settled into a business that distills complex global economics into a simple message: We