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Dream Boat

For all the outrageous cosplay and assless trunks on display, director Tristan Ferland Milewski is more interested in exploring the interior lives of gay men in Dream Boat, his sincere and reverent feature documentary debut.

Do You Take This Man

By taking a low-key approach to a high-stress situation, Joshua Tunick turns a familiar romcom premise into a treatise on commitment, using an impending wedding as occasion for his characters to peel away well-manicured identities.


Maurice is the overlooked middle child in Merchant Ivory’s trio of E.M. Forster adaptations, sandwiched between the lighthearted mainstream hit A Room With a View (1985) and the prestigious critical juggernaut Howards End (1992). Thirty years later, Maurice has aged quite well.

As You Are

Director Miles Joris-Peyrafitte wanders through Gus Van Sant territory until he finds his own path in As You Are, which captures the dreamy intimacy of teenage relationships where boundaries between friendship and love prove porous.

Beautiful Something

On a cold evening in Philadelphia, the group of gay men in Beautiful Something seek out the warmth of steamy sex. But writer/director Joseph Graham uses the encounters between these men to construct a compassionate romantic drama.