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Marie Curie: The Courage of Knowledge

During her lifetime, Marie Curie was seen as an anomaly, not a pioneer. Marie Nöelle’s portrait is untidy and jittery, her Marie methodical and impetuous. To judge by the dialogue, all that concerned Curie was science and love.


The can-do optimism of Tomorrow (Demain) sets it apart from other documentaries about the environmental crisis. Mélanie Laurent (Breathe) and Cyril Dion sought out creative problem-solving around the world and in their native France, where their film won a César Award.

P.S. Jerusalem

Danae Elon did go home again, to a Jerusalem she knew deeply and barely recognized. Her thoughtful documentary about relocating to Israel offers an intimate look at a family’s adjustment as well as the deep-seated conflicts between Jewish and Palestinian inhabitants of this ancient city.

Marguerite & Julien

Marguerite & Julien may have been written for François Truffaut, but director Valérie Donzelli (Declaration of War) interprets this scandalous tale of seventeenth-century French nobility with a transgressive romanticism and historical anachronisms more akin to Derek Jarman.

You Will Be Mine

Concert pianist Marie Dandin (Judith Davis) is not only the focus of You Will Be Mine, but the narrative mirrors her emotional swings during a tumultuous year at the Lyons National Conservatory.