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Memoir of War

In adapting the wartime diaries of Marguerite Duras, Emmanuel Finkiel captures the author’s oblique style, which filters events though a thick layer of ennui, and centers on women who deal with inflicted trauma by torturing themselves.

Marie Curie: The Courage of Knowledge

During her lifetime, Marie Curie was seen as an anomaly, not a pioneer. Marie Nöelle’s portrait is untidy and jittery, her Marie methodical and impetuous. To judge by the dialogue, all that concerned Curie was science and love.


The can-do optimism of Tomorrow (Demain) sets it apart from other documentaries about the environmental crisis. Mélanie Laurent (Breathe) and Cyril Dion sought out creative problem-solving around the world and in their native France, where their film won a César Award.

P.S. Jerusalem

Danae Elon did go home again, to a Jerusalem she knew deeply and barely recognized. Her thoughtful documentary about relocating to Israel offers an intimate look at a family’s adjustment as well as the deep-seated conflicts between Jewish and Palestinian inhabitants of this ancient city.

Marguerite & Julien

Marguerite & Julien may have been written for François Truffaut, but director Valérie Donzelli (Declaration of War) interprets this scandalous tale of seventeenth-century French nobility with a transgressive romanticism and historical anachronisms more akin to Derek Jarman.