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The Pirates of Somalia

Canadian journalist Jay Bahadur (Evan Peters) arrives in Somalia as an opportunist and leaves an advocate. Writer/director Bryan Buckley treats Bahadur’s 2008-09 odyssey as an elucidating examination of kinship more than a biopic.

Lost in Paris

Fiona Gordon and Dominique Abel’s signature style blends screwball and romantic comedy with playful fantasy, but Lost in Paris lacks the magical elements of their previous features (Iceberg, Rumba, and The Fairy, co-directed with Bruno Romy).

Milton’s Secret

Director Barnet Bain aims for Milton’s Secret to be a soothing balm for scary times. The film captures the slow release of relief that comforts Milton Adams (William Ainscough) as his 12th birthday nears. His parents (Mia Kirshner and David Sutcliffe) are worried and withdrawn because of


A flighty Peter Pan meets his grounded Wendy in Copenhagen, Mark Raso’s tender romance about the sliding scale of maturity. William (Gethin Anthony) finds finds an eager guide in Effy (Frederikke Dahl Hansen), who’s as calm and perceptive as he is rash and inconsiderate.