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The Revival

Jennifer Gerber’s accomplished first feature emphasizes the disconnect between Pastor Eli and his Southern Baptist flock, which screenwriter Samuel Brett Williams details in a backstory about familial obligation and suppressed desires.

Santa & Andrés

The Orwellian image of totalitarianism is bleak and urban, with thought police lurking around every corner. Sunny rural Cuba seems a world away, but in Carlos Lechuga’s delicate drama, ideological rigor has seeped into everyday life.

Do You Take This Man

By taking a low-key approach to a high-stress situation, Joshua Tunick turns a familiar romcom premise into a treatise on commitment, using an impending wedding as occasion for his characters to peel away well-manicured identities.

About Scout

In a twist from writer/director Laurie Weltz, About Scout’s title character is a manic pixie-with-few-dreams girl. With hopes of some residual stardust, Scout Havers’s (India Ennenga) late mother named her and her sister Tallulah (Onata Aprile) after Demi Moore’s daughters. (Sorry, Rumer.)

All Mistakes Buried

Co-writer/director Tim McCann and actor Sam Trammell adroitly juggle the competing realities inside the mind of a slippery crack addict obsessed with returning a pawned necklace to his estranged wife on their impending anniversary.