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Santa & Andrés

The Orwellian image of totalitarianism is bleak and urban, with thought police lurking around every corner. Sunny rural Cuba seems a world away, but in Carlos Lechuga’s delicate drama, ideological rigor has seeped into everyday life.


Demi Moore and Alec Baldwin last starred together twenty years ago. When they were bankable movie stars, both actors added subversive elements to their conventional roles, Moore revealing the steel spine of underestimated women, Baldwin injecting hissing menace into stalwart men.

P.S. Jerusalem

Danae Elon did go home again, to a Jerusalem she knew deeply and barely recognized. Her thoughtful documentary about relocating to Israel offers an intimate look at a family’s adjustment as well as the deep-seated conflicts between Jewish and Palestinian inhabitants of this ancient city.

The Adderall Diaries

In this sketchy adaptation of Stephen Elliott’s The Adderall Diaries, James Franco portrays the author as fabulist and dilettante. Franco alternates between flighty entitlement and tortured preening as a literary star whose bestsellers detail his abuse, addiction, and institutionalization.