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Good Girls Revolt

The Amazon series Good Girls Revolt, centered on a landmark 1970 gender discrimination case at Newsweek, is the kind of period drama that’s more interested in commenting on the present than re-creating the past. The storyline about professional journalists plays fast and loose with the facts.


Grand Rapids-based filmmaker Joel Potrykus finds absurdist humor in uncomfortably long takes, his camera settling on Marty Jackitansky (Joshua Burge) as he perpetuates a scam – and rages when things don’t go his way.

You Will Be Mine

Concert pianist Marie Dandin (Judith Davis) is not only the focus of You Will Be Mine, but the narrative mirrors her emotional swings during a tumultuous year at the Lyons National Conservatory.


Lucía Puenzo’s steady hand steers this emotionally tumultuous story away from any hint of melodrama or exploitation. The most radical aspect of XXY isn’t the frank adolescent sexuality or even the question of intersex identity.

Up the Yangtze

Yung Chang understands the significance of this massive undertaking – said to be China’s largest feat of engineering since the Great Wall – but his focus is on the rising waters and how they are obliterating the China his grandfather knew.