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Bronx Gothic

A straightforward performance film benefits one-person shows that are conversational or invoke characters through voice and gesture, but that doesn’t suit Okwui Okpokwasili’s demanding multidisciplinary piece, Bronx Gothic.

Speech & Debate

The defanged film adaptation of Stephen Karam’s 2007 play Speech & Debate takes a Breakfast Club approach to high school characters, defining each by a single trait. There’s journalism nerd Solomon (Liam James), theater geek Diwata (Sarah Steele), and openly gay Howie (Austin P. McKenzie).

The Daughter

In his atmospheric debut film, Australian theater director Simon Stone whittles down The Wild Duck into a cautionary tale about welcoming home an emotional exile. While stage adaptations of Henrik Ibsen’s tragicomedy often emphasize its farcical elements, Stone sticks to tragedy in his naturalistic version.

The Bride

In this fervent adaptation of Federico García Lorca’s 1933 play Blood Wedding, Spanish director Paula Ortiz has shifted the focus of her source material from men battling to possess a woman to, as the title indicates, the bride herself.

Bad Hurt

For his surefooted directorial debut, playwright Mark Kemble uses the stifled beauty of snowbound Staten Island to frame the psychological boundaries of a long-suffering family. The sadness weighing down the Kendall family like wet snow on evergreen branches isn’t simply holiday malaise.