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Tag Archives: 2015

Never Steady, Never Still

The austere beauty of Never Steady, Never Still reflects the stripped-down lives of Kathleen Hepburn’s self-contained characters, who require little and ask for less. Judy (Shirley Henderson) has early-onset Parkinson’s disease, and only allows herself to express regret and disappointment at a mobility support group.

Almost There

The observational documentary meets the observer effect in Almost There, as filmmakers chronicle how their solitary subject is changed by their scrutiny. While shooting the Pierogi Fest in Whiting, Indiana, co-directors Aaron Wickenden and Dan Rybicky discover outsider artist Peter Anton drawing portraits.

The Black Dove

An acoustic guitar known as the Black Dove brings together a father stumbling toward redemption and a daughter seeking reconciliation in Michael Prisco Caporale’s directorial debut.


Grand Rapids-based filmmaker Joel Potrykus finds absurdist humor in uncomfortably long takes, his camera settling on Marty Jackitansky (Joshua Burge) as he perpetuates a scam – and rages when things don’t go his way.

Valley of Saints

The calm surface of Dal Lake hides a multitude of sins in the exquisite Valley of Saints, and director Musa Syeed captures its tranquil beauty amid the chaos of Kashmir. Boatman Gulzar (Gulzar Ahmed Bhat) has come to view the lake as a stagnant place, with few opportunities beyond ferrying tourists.