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Three Stars

Unlike the exquisitely prepared food in this documentary, Three Stars has too much on its plate. Director Lutz Hachmeister offers a taste of the dining experiences that rate three stars in the Michelin Guide, but he can’t decide whether to embrace or condemn the venerable

Return to Sender

Rosamund Pike made Return to Sender before her breakthrough Gone Girl, and it’s difficult not to see Miranda Wells as a dry run for Amy Dunne. Both are control freaks whose icy blonde exteriors mask rage-fueled machinations. While Gone Girl author and screenwriter Gillian Flynn


There’s something off-kilter about the Tel Aviv of Jellyfish. It’s not that married filmmakers Etgar Keret and Shira Geffen have tried to find the shadows in the sunny city on the Mediterranean Sea; they present their home base as worldly, prosperous and accessible. But their

I Touched All Your Stuff

Christopher Kirk, the subject of Maíra Bühler and Matias Mariani’s documentary, is as captivating and elusive as the film’s various titles. The São Paulo-based filmmakers call it A Vida Privada dos Hipopótamos (The Private Life of Hippos), from a story about the last surviving animals

Two Step

In a sleepy Texas town, where daily life is as routine as the steps of a country line dance, writer/director Alex R. Johnson begins his deft neo-noir Two Step with some unexpected encounters. The aimless James (Skyy Moore) visits his grandmother only to find her