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Rich Hill

The directors of Rich Hill, cousins Tracy Droz Tragos and Andrew Droz Palermo, didn’t pick the rural Missouri town at random. Their family hails from Rich Hill, where their grandparents (a teacher and grocer/mailman) were widely known. The remarkable ease their documentary subjects display reflects

Any Day Now

Any Day Now is built on two certainties: Rudy Donatello (Alan Cumming) and Paul Fleiger (Garret Dillahunt) never question their ability to care for Marco (Isaac Leyva), a teenager with Down syndrome; and director/co-writer Travis Fine asserts that gay couples make excellent adoptive parents, even


Watching R100, you may begin to feel like the beleaguered movie executives who occasionally appear onscreen to comment on the increasingly bizarre action. Hitoshi Matasumoto straddles arthouse and grindhouse with this pitch black comedy, which follows a Japanese salesman and single father (Nao Ohmori) who’s