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Monthly Archives: July 2016

You Will Be Mine

Concert pianist Marie Dandin (Judith Davis) is not only the focus of You Will Be Mine, but the narrative mirrors her emotional swings during a tumultuous year at the Lyons National Conservatory. Marie is impetuous and frustrating, driven by whims and struggling to hit the


In war movies of the post-Vietnam era, it’s not uncommon for filmmakers to make foreign landscapes seem surreal, mirroring the disorientation troops feel on alien soil. Writer/director Joseph Cedar has taken it a step further, imbuing real combat with the aura of science fiction. The


A flighty Peter Pan meets his grounded Wendy in Copenhagen, Mark Raso’s tender romance about the sliding scale of maturity. William (Gethin Anthony) arrives in the Danish capital already frustrated: Traveling companion Jeremy (Sebastian Armesto) is more focused on pleasing girlfriend Jennifer (Olivia Grant) than


Grand Rapids-based filmmaker Joel Potrykus finds absurdist humor in uncomfortably long takes, his camera settling on Marty Jackitansky (Joshua Burge) as he perpetuates a scam – and rages when things don’t go his way. Burge and Potrykus are the DeNiro and Scorsese of stunted adolescence,

Decoding Deepak

Director Gotham Chopra and his famous father agree on one thing: Deepak Chopra is not a typical guru. Instead of meditating in a remote ashram, this media savvy author is the globetrotting promoter of his own brand of enlightenment. Gotham (the comics aficionado anglicized his