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Monthly Archives: February 2016

Almost There

The observational documentary meets the observer effect in Almost There, as filmmakers chronicle how their solitary subject is changed by their scrutiny. While shooting the Pierogi Fest in Whiting, Indiana, co-directors Aaron Wickenden and Dan Rybicky discover outsider artist Peter Anton drawing portraits. The initial


The hashtag in #Stuck is misleading: Holly (Madeline Zima) and Guy (Joel David Moore) are not social media savvy millennials who hook up online (as in Two Night Stand). Their morning after is the old-fashioned result of too much drinking and flirting at a Los

Sand Dollars

Transactional relationships are conducted without moral judgment in Sand Dollars, the Dominican Republic’s foreign-language Academy Award submission. Lithe Noelí (Yanet Mojica) finds a steady stream of companions in Las Terrenas, a beach town brimming with European tourists and expats. They reward her attention with cash

Manhattan Romance

Writer and director Tom O’Brien has flipped the usual indie filmmaker pattern, with a polished debut and bumpy follow-up. His confident 2012 drama Fairhaven followed three disillusioned thirtysomethings who reconnect in their sleepy hometown. O’Brien anchored the trio’s malaise in scenic (and rarely filmed) Fairhaven,

In Our Nature

In a well-appointed country house in upstate New York, writer/director Brian Savelson carves out a Chekhovian landscape. Seth (Zach Gilford) has brought Andie (Jena Malone) there for the first time, expecting to use the quiet weekend to propose. He didn’t anticipate the arrival of his