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Monthly Archives: December 2015

A Christmas Tale

In the chaotic universe of the Vuillards, there’s only one fixed principle: no family secrets. But even with everything routinely exposed and discussed, little gets resolved except during moments of extreme crisis, when outside forces shake the Vuillards out of their languor. One such occasion

I Touched All Your Stuff

Christopher Kirk, the subject of Maíra Bühler and Matias Mariani’s documentary, is as captivating and elusive as the film’s various titles. The São Paulo-based filmmakers call it A Vida Privada dos Hipopótamos (The Private Life of Hippos), from a story about the last surviving animals

Can’t Stand Losing You: Surviving The Police

In the creatively combative trio The Police, guitarist Andy Summers is the quiet one, less comfortable with the spotlight than singer/bassist Sting, and more reserved than drummer Stewart Copeland. Director Andy Grieve uses Summers’s memoir One Train Later as the basis for Can’t Stand Losing

Two Step

In a sleepy Texas town, where daily life is as routine as the steps of a country line dance, writer/director Alex R. Johnson begins his deft neo-noir Two Step with some unexpected encounters. The aimless James (Skyy Moore) visits his grandmother only to find her

Dukale’s Dream

Actors are accustomed to studying a subject for a brief, intense period and then being treated like experts. Hugh Jackman’s advocacy for fair-trade coffee began with that burst of enthusiasm, but settled into a business that distills complex global economics into a simple message: We