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Monthly Archives: September 2015

The Duchess

There’s a refined gentility to The Duchess, a regal reticence that mirrors the manners of the eighteenth century English nobility it so carefully undresses. Even in moments of immense emotional turmoil, director Saul Dibb maintains a cinematic rectitude, and always keeps the film on an

The Magic of Belle Isle

There’s a comforting inevitability to The Magic of Belle Isle, as an alcoholic author spends a soothing, rejuvenating summer in a sleepy lakeside village. (It was filmed at Greenwood Lake in New York, not Detroit’s historic island park.) The wheelchair-bound Monte Wildhorn (Morgan Freeman) wrote

The Worst Year of My Life

In a brisk 15-minute sequence, writer/director Jonathan Smith sums up the three-year romance of Kyle (Trevor St. John David) and Amber (Amy Vorpahl) as a series of blissful milestones marred only by her career dissatisfaction. Kyle’s solution is to bankroll Amber’s vegan bakery, even though

Last Weekend

The most striking moments in Last Weekend are not the expected ones. It’s not the way first-time directors Tom Dolby and Tom Williams shoot the palatial Lake Tahoe cabin previously featured in A Place in the Sun with the well-framed languor of architecture porn. Nor